Certification Exam - System & Webcam Requirements

For online proctored exams, computer systems must meet the criteria outlined on the Kryterion Online Proctoring Support page. Before scheduling your exam, we encourage you to visit this page to test equipment compatibility, which includes checks for webcam, microphone, and internet speed. Individuals planning to take the certification examination online can prepare by taking the following steps:

  1. Review the webcam requirements. NOTE: Beginning August 6, 2020, HUD will accept any camera for the online exam. An external camera will no longer be required until further notice.
  2. Visit Online Testing Requirements to check equipment compatibility for webcam, microphone, and internet speed
  3. Test browser functionality of the exam Calculator provided onscreen during the exam

HUDHousingCounselors.com cannot provide a webcam. You will not need a webcam if you choose to take the Certification Exam at a test center.

Note: A separate Webassessor log-in is not required for any step in this process. Candidates are automatically logged into Kryterion's Webassessor site with their HUDHousingCounselors.com account when they proceed to the Exam Status Center. Candidates should proceed to the Exam Status Center from the Exam Pre-launch page to complete the preparation steps and launch the exam. The Exam Pre-launch page can be accessed in your User Profile via Access Your Online Exam