General Information Support provides technical support and general program information related to the HUD Housing Counselor and HECM Counselor training and certification exam programs. If you have additional questions about the housing counselor training and certification program, please visit the HUD Exchange or email HUD Housing Counseling at with the subject line, "Housing Counselor Certification."

For information related to applying to become a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency visit the HUD Exchange or complete the Become a HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency Learning Pathway collection of webinars.

For other questions related to HUD policies or updates, please contact your agency's HUD Point of Contact (POC), visit, or call 800 333 4636.

Exam Related Topics

When studying for any Housing Counselor exam, it's important to learn about the overall process, how are administered, and where you can get help.

Studying, planning, scheduling, etc. can be overwhelming but we can help you through it.

  • Accessing the Exam
  • Appointment Details
  • Feedback and Scoring
  • System requirements
  • FHA Connection
Learning Process

Proctoring and Rules

Whether you’re taking the exam online or in-person you need to know the rules and requirements

  • Proctoring online
  • Proctoring Onsite Kryterion Test Centers
  • Technical Issue Assistance - Instructions & Rules

Additional Exam Help

We have some good suggestions to help you ace the exam whether virtual or at onsite.

  • Advice for a Successful Test Center Exam
  • Advice for a Successful Online Exam
  • Additional Guidance About the Exam
Exam Help

Limited Language and Accommodations

Whether you’re taking the exam online or in-person you need to know the rules and requirements

  • Limited English proficiency
  • Materials en Español -Training
  • Reasonable Accommodations (ADA related)

Your Account Support

When have help for your training, registration, costs, payment receipts and general user account items such as password resets, locked accounts, etc.

User Account Support

Accessing Your Account

All the help you need to set up your account, making exam appointments

  • Account Overview
  • Training and Exam Status
  • Registration and Knowledge Assessment Access

Cost and Content Updates

Questions about costs and receipts? We have answers.

  • Cost
  • Content Updates
  • Receipt of Payment

Additional Account Support

Help for password resets, usernames etc.

  • User Account Locked
  • User Account - Password Reset
  • User Account - Username
  • User Account - Refunds for approved cancellation
  • HUD Housing Counseling Mailing List

Security & Cancellations

We cover what you agree to and the rules for keeping the testing process secure.

  • Acceptance of terms & Security Measures
  • Test Center Cancellations
  • No Shows & Cancellations Policy