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Exam Completion data will appear after you complete the certification exam. You have not yet taken an exam.



  • Online Interactive Course. Online modules have been refreshed and revision history posted. Completion status reset. 

  • Study Guide. Study Guide has been refreshed in English and Spanish and revision history posted. Version 2/2018.

  • Certification Exam. Certification exam has been refreshed in English and Spanish. Online calculator updated and whiteboard added.

  • Practice Exam. Practice exam has been refreshed in English and Spanish. 


  • Online Interactive Course. Some users experienced difficulty with course functionality, including the issues with the ability to "resume" a module, display a "completed" module in the status bar, and display of fonts that prevents viewing some content. All issues have been resolved, though users may need to refresh modules listed as already in progress. 


  • Certification Exam. Registration for the certification exam opened in English and Spanish.

  • Capacitación de asesores de vivienda. El Guía de estudio está disponible.


  • Training. Course completion information is solely for your use. Training is optional, so HUD does not require or track individual user's course progress or completion status.