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Whether you are studying for your HUD Counselor Exam or HECM certification we have all the information you need.


HUD Housing Counselor Exam

We have all the information you need to get ready for your certification exam and access to more HUD Counseling Resources.

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HECM Mortgage


Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Exam

Becoming a certified HECM Counselor has its own path. We can guide you with practice exams and learning materials.

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One Certification Handbook for Both Exams

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Frequently Asked Questions

The HUD Exchange offers a variety of resources from frequently asked questions to webinar recordings, written toolkits and guides. Access the entire Housing Counseling Library here.

Program Rules and Regulations

Better understand how to meet HUD rules and regulations for counseling service delivery, reporting, grant management, quality control/monitoring, and agency approval.


Find support for meeting the counselor certification requirement, including exam information, use of FHA connection, study resources, and more.

Agency and Program Management

Access everything you need to run your housing counseling agency with resources on HUD funding, best practices for agency management, use of technology, and beyond.

Counseling Services

Check out what the HUD Exchange has to offer for those looking to learn about specific counseling topics or HUD's requirements for counseling sessions.


HUD Housing Counselors Glossary

We have definitions of some terms that may help with your exam preparation.

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