Exam Pre-launch


You are about to continue to Webassessor's Exam Status Center where you can complete your Biometrics Profile, download Sentinel Secure, launch the exam, review exam details, and obtain receipts. A separate Webassessor log-in is NOT required to complete these steps. Please review the requirements below so you are prepared before and during the exam. Be aware that certain actions or behaviors will require termination of your test session.

Online Exam Preparation

Step 1

Review the Test Taker Guide for key information. This will include specific information about the required external webcam and online testing process. NOTE: Beginning August 6, 2020, HUD will no longer require online exam candidates to use an external camera. HUD will accept any camera for the online certification exam. 

Step 2

Confirm the System Requirements for online proctoring with your agency's IT Department in advance and make sure your government-issued photo ID will not be expired on the day of the exam.

Step 3

Test the Exam Calculator. This requires the use of a mouse in your browser.

Step 4 - Webassessor Exam Status Center

At least one day in advance, download Sentinel Secure and complete your Biometrics Profile (instructions). HUD test takers can only complete Step 4 by selecting "Proceed to Exam Status Center" below. Step 4 activities cannot be accessed through the linked instruction pages. Be sure to test your equipment. This may require assistance from your agency's IT Department. Seek help from Kryterion Support as needed.

Step 5

Launch your exam at least ten minutes before test time. Any technical issues must be reported immediately to Kryterion Support . Exams launched late will be considered no-shows.

Taking the Online Exam

Preparation and Environment Setup

Make sure you have valid, government-issued photo ID which will be verified by the proctor.

Make sure your room is well lit, quiet, and the walls and surfaces are free from sitcky notes, paper, etc. Ensure your testing surface is clutter-free and contains only one computer, one monitor, one keyboard, and one mouse. Review Kryterion's Online Test Taker Guide for additional details regarding the testing environment.

Remove Accessories

Remove all items from your neck and wrist. If you wear glasses, the proctor will request that you remove them briefly for inspection via webcam.

Launching the Exam

By selecting the Proceed to Exam Status Center button below, you will be automatically logged into Webassessor. In the Exam Status Center you will find your exam under My Assessments.

The launch button will appear 10 minutes prior to your appointment and will remain available for 20 minutes after the appointment time. Be prepared for possible interruptions by proctor requests during the exam.


You are automatically logged into Kryterion's Webassessor site with your HUDHousingCounselors.com account when you Proceed to the Exam Status Center below. A separate Webassessor log-in is not required for any step in this process.

Important Note for Online Exams

If you experience technical difficulties during setup, launch, or while taking your exam, please contact Kryterion Online Support immediately via online chat.

Kryterion is obligated to inform your test sponsor and may suspend your exam if you violate the following guidance:

  • Do not read the exam aloud
  • Do not interact with another individual during your test session
  • Do not leave your work station or take a break for any reason