Certification Exam - Exam Agreement

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Launching the exam symbolizes your signature and acceptance of the following terms:

  • Each candidate deserves a fair and equal opportunity to demonstrate his or her knowledge in the examination process. Therefore, exam security measures have been developed to prevent any candidate from gaining an unfair advantage.
  • All exam materials are the property of HUD. Unauthorized removal of any material is prohibited. Any attempt to reproduce or memorize all or part of the exam is prohibited. Any unauthorized disclosure, publication, copying, reproduction, transmission, distribution, or possession of exam content or materials in any form without the prior express written permission of HUD may result in your disqualification from the HUD housing counselor certification program. The prohibition against “unauthorized disclosure” means you may not discuss the contents of the exam with anyone except those who developed or delivered the exam.
  • A proctor may dismiss a candidate, halt an examination progress, or report a candidate for any unauthorized behavior, such as any of the following: attempting to gain unauthorized admission to an exam site; attempting to take the exam for someone else; creating a disturbance; giving, receiving, or attempting to give or receive help from unauthorized sources; removing, or attempting to remove, exam materials; having in his or her possession any item prohibited from the exam taking area as specified above; exhibiting behavior consistent with memorization or copying of exam items.

Note: Exam sessions may be recorded.