Certification Exam - Reasonable Accommodations

Important Message: COVID-19 Impact on Test Centers

If you need special assistance provided under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you must submit a request for reasonable accommodations prior to scheduling or paying for your certification exam.

The following information is required to approve reasonable accommodations. Please use our Contact Form to provide specific information including:

  • Your Name
  • Kryterion Test Center Location
  • Preferred Dates/Times (Provide at least three.)
  • Reason for Accommodation
  • Documentation for Accommodation (Possible examples listed below.)
    • Recommendations of qualified professionals
    • Proof of past testing accommodations
    • Observations by educators
    • Results of psycho-educational or other professional evaluations
    • An applicant’s history of diagnosis
    • An applicant’s statement of his or her history regarding testing accommodations.
  • Type of Accommodation Needed (Please select accommodations needed. If necessary, describe any specific items in greater detail.) 
    • Food or water
    • Medical equipment
    • Multiple breaks
    • Private room
    • Reader
    • Reader and recorder
    • Screen magnification software (ZoomText)
    • Screen reader software (ZoomText with Speech)
    • Screen reader software (JAWS)
    • Attendance of service animal
    • Sign language interpreter

The process to review cases, approve requests, and coordinate required services may take up to 45 days from the date of receipt of a completed request.