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HUD Housing Counselor Exam

Training Center

We have several tools in different formats to get you ready for your training exam.

Take a test to assess current knowledge and gaps. Receive feedback on answer choices and recommended topics for further study numbers. The Knowledge Assessment is available in English and Spanish.
Study for the Certification Exam with the HUD Housing Counselors interactive online training. The training covers all exam topics in fifteen modules. Materials last updated 9/14/2022.
Read the training materials on your own with the Study Guide in PDF format. The Study Guide includes all material covered in the Interactive Online Training. Materials last updated 9/14/2022. También disponible en español.
Prepare for the Certification Exam with a full-version Practice Exam. Questions in the Practice Exam will not be repeated in the Certification Exam. The practice exam is available in English and Spanish.
HUD EXCHANGE now has The Housing Counseling Library. A powerful new tool designed to enhance your experience.
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Additional Training Information

The online training consists of 15 interactive modules, that do not include audio and vary in length from 30 to 90 minutes.

The Study Guide consists of 15 modules and a Glossary that vary from approximately 20 to 60 pages. A single file of the entire training is not available.

The Support team is not able to provide physical copies of the Study Guide. You are welcome to print the training guides to help you prepare for the exam.

Before taking the interactive online training course, be sure your computer meets minimum requirements by installing the latest versions of browsers for either PC or Mac operating systems. Firefox and Google Chrome are supported for both PC and Mac. Additionally, Internet Explorer 11 or later and Microsoft Edge browser is supported for PC; and Safari for Mac.

If you prefer, you can view the modules in a downloadable Study Guide, available in a PDF format.